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Why to choose Country kids pre school

Franchise Opportunity

Interested in Starting a Play school franchise?

Welcome to Country Kids – One of the Top Preschool Franchise in India !

Country Kids Play school Franchise Benefits:

  • Low Investment
  • 100% Support
  • Extensive Training
  • Free! Admissions Support – Online & Local Marketing
  • Classes : Playgroup, Nursery, Kindergarten, Day Care
  • Option to upgrade to Primary School Franchise


Why Country Kids ?

  • What makes Country Kids Playschool so special?
  • Unmatched Management Team
  • Parents’ First Choice
  • Proven Success and Promising Future
  • Excellent Returns and Satisfaction


Our Requirements to Open a Preschool Franchise

License Fee: 50k to 1 Lakhs (depending on the city) at the time of agreement. As royalty, we take 10% of the total collection of fee.
Investment: depending on the city & location of the infrastructure.


What You Get as a Country Kids Franchisee

  • Strength of well recognized leading brand in the kindergarten field.
  • No stress in designing curriculum, books, study material, prospectuses, advertisements etc.
  • Technical assistance in creation of infrastructure at competitive prices.
  • Expert guidance and support will be provided from our experts
  • Convenient working hours.
  • Continuous guidance to solve the day-to-day problems and ideas for upgradation of infrastructure. Concept planning, designing and supervising of layout of interiors.
  • Local promotional marketing support.
  • Training of personnel by orientation programme for adaptation to the Country Kids Primary School way. Technical inputs: Prospectus, curriculum, educational material, books etc.
  • Support for indoor/outdoor events including media coverage.
  • Setting up proper accounting and feedback systems.



You are not alone nor do you have to reinvent the wheel!

As a Country Kids franchise owner, you are a part of the team that is focused on supporting your business with the best. We shall provide you the staff with the right training, tools and support. We are constantly updating and improving our system with the best available concepts and have fine-tuned tools you will need to ensure your success in the project. We had proven a well established success in past years. Rajasthan No. 1 Preschool brand. Goodwill among the media resulting in easier media coverage for your preschool. Extensive Online & Social Media Marketing on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.


Some of the benefits that you will enjoy are:

  • Unmatched Management Team
  • The industry’s most experienced & well known preschool management team
  • Owned and managed by highly qualified members
  • 100% management focus on running Preschools
  • Parents No. 1 Choice!
  • Goodwill among the parents means they are willing to pay a premium for the Brand Well known in the industry for high quality preschool, resulting in better results in formal school admissions
  • Proven Curriculum & System
  • Continuous updation by the R&D Team incorporating the best teaching- learning practices followed world wide
  • Elaborate documents & guidelines for Morning Assemblies, Activities, Competitions, Celebrations, Annual Days, Sports Days, Excursions etc.
  • For activities – detailed teachers' instructions, noticeboard design and parent's circular provided Evaluation Policy & Procedure and Guidelines including detailed observation checklist & Evaluation cards Synergy - Our unique parent's & grandparent's participation programme
  • Nutritious Mid-Day meals designed by Nutritionists
  • Branch Set-up
  • Overall Planning of the school’s building
  • Specialized in-house teams of carpenters, artists and painters to recreate the Country Kids Primary School Interiors
  • Access to quality vendors for school requirements (furniture, soft toys, swings) at great value for money Guidelines on final branch set-up


Elaborate Training on Branch set-up

Rigorous Training & Recruitment

  • Assistance in recruitment of headmistress, counselors & teachers
  • Complete HR policies to ensure smooth functioning of the branch.
  • Online training programmes
  • Onsite parents’ workshops
  • One-to-One Tele-Counseling of the teachers, if required


Marketing Support

  • Intensive training on ways to market your Preschool
  • Design of marketing campaign for your branch.
  • Complete guidance in planning of events, annual function, sports day etc.
  • Professionally preparation of social media marketing
  • Help on website design, hosting & updations

Steps to Join Us

Enquiry about Franchisee To get information about taking the franchisee of Country Kids, the applicant has to register inquiry on Country Kids Primary School Website www.ckpsjpr.in and fill the online franchise inquiry form. The franchising team member reverts back with an appropriate answer of query after getting the applicant’s detailed information. Franchisee willing to be part of our successful pre-school chain can also directly speak to our franchising team members on +91 9829460000/ 01412349460

Conversation with the prospect After receiving the Franchise enquiry and online FAF (Franchise Application Form), in the first step, the FAF details scrutinized by our Franchises Department and assigned to Country Kids Executive. Our executive conveys all information to the applicant within 24 hours of registered enquiry. The officer will have detailed telephonic conversation with the applicant and send entire financials and proper details either through courier or mail to understand the applicant’s Interest and commitment for Franchise business.

Feasibility Analyses Franchisee Development Department initiates the feasibility process by asking the demand draft of Rs. 10,000/- only (Rupees Ten Thousand only) in favor of COUNTRY KIDS PRIMARY SCHOOL PAYABLE AT JAIPUR as a refundable feasibility amount. Feasibility team will travel to the desired locality, visit the premises to understand the potential of that place. In case if our team found the place is suitable for keeping the business profitability & security of the student’s in mind. We give a very comprehensive “Feasibility Findings Report” to the promoter which has the details information & justification for suitability or non suitability of the premises. When we get convinced with the potential of the place then only we take the project for the next level. If we did not found premises suitable as per standard, the amount will be reimbursed after deducting traveling and other costs of development officer. Note: If the location is found non feasible for our Project as per standards set by Country Kids, officers visit the location get rejected recommended by the promoter the remaining balance money is refunded after deduction of the actual traveling expense of visiting officers. If the location is found suitable for the project, the amount will be adjusted against the franchise fees.

Site Approval After approval of the location by our official authority, the application would be invited for a further detailed discussion on different aspects of projects, financial arrangements & merit of the Prospective Franchisee.

Direct Interaction This is the most essential step of the franchisee process; here applicant meets our Top Management at Country Kids Office. They provide complete information about the company and also discuss franchisee opportunities in a wider spectrum. Complete project detail, required investment plan & prospect of preschool franchisee business is provided to the aspirant franchisee.

MOU & Franchise Agreement Once we get a declaration from Prospective Franchisee that he completely understands the preschool franchisee business and he has the potential, caliber and required investment for setting up the playschool Franchisee outlet. Then first we sign the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) and after clearance of franchise fee, the franchise agreement will be signed between franchisee and franchisor. This embodies a declaration of the intention to conduct a Franchise Contract.

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